Since things neither exist nor don't exist, are neither real nor unreal, are utterly beyond adopting and rejecting; one might as well burst out laughing." Longchenpa Rabjampa, 14th century



Welcome, my name is Mike Payne




Words and Wings hosts my periodic musings and the occasional poem.


"Your drawings and words touched my soul." Fiona


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2016 and 2017

Free verse reflections a day before the end of an Unload Crowdfunding campaign. Read More


'If you could tame the wind, would you? – And if tamed what results?...' My latest poem. Read More…


'A different conversation around death – Over the last year of my mum’s life I drew a series of pictures of her. This was unplanned and a surprise to me…' Read More…


'What If’ – In humble deference to TS Elliot. A new poem. Read More…


'What can we learn from the genocide in Rwanda?' An Unload newsletter – Reflections on the 22nd anniversary of the start of Rwandan genocide in 1994… Read More



2014 and 2015

Are the dead being fully heard at Remembrance? An Unload Post – With the anniversary of the Great War, and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan... Read More…


An article published by 'Inside Man' on the psycological damage of war... Read More


Poetic musings from flip flop summer dog walks…Read More…


What have we learned since 1914? In the week that marks 100 years since the start of the First World War...Read More…



2012 and 2013

My Voice had I Died: Read more


Where are the Grandfathers?: Read more…


How can a ‘Forget-Me-Not’ help keep Personal Balance: Read more…


Beagles and Bridges Finding connection and tranquility walking on the Shropshire Hills and Vale of Belvoir. Read more…


2 quotes, 2 poems and a bus stop. Read more…


“Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.” Read More

From 2009 to 2011 the newsletter was called Fortnightly Stuff

“No bird soars too high, if he soars on his own wings.” Willaim Blake



‘Challenges in Solutions’ – We seem to live in challenging times, but then when don’t we? Read More


‘Valuing Intuition and Instinct’ – Quotes about intuition and Instinct. Read More


Below are three articles on aspects of practical application of the Triple Bottom Line:

– ‘Hope and the Economy’ – Alternative economic perspectives – Sep 2011. Read More

– ‘How to make money go further’ – The effect of spending money locally – Mar 2011. Read More

– ‘Planning for Petrol Prices’ – Looking at the effects of Peak Oil – Feb 2011. Read More



‘Leadership and Judgement’ – I have been intrigued that the terms ‘leadership’ and ‘leaders’ are very emotive

and have a variety of connotations. Read More


‘Heart & Head’ – “We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous”. Read More


‘Mug of Tea’ – ‘Self belief in following your own path’. Read More


‘Warm breezes’ – Imagine yourself on holiday, somewhere hot perhaps… Read More


‘An A&E route to Festiveness’ – "I think you had better come, your daughter has fallen from her pony and cannot move her legs"… Read More


My first article was published by The Green Parent in 2009 is available on line – its a bit long but hey, it was my first and it was published: ‘The Universal Fixer, a Dad’s Perspective’. Read More


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