“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome, my name is Mike Payne


Words and Wings is the home to a seed of a thought sown on a walk down a green lane in November 2011: “I am curious about art as a catalyst in the healing of those involved in conflict and in broader reconciliation post conflict.”


From this seed a social enterprise, called Unload, was created to develop a new methodology, outlook and style of operation to support people traumatised by armed conflict.


As Unload sails confidently forward under its own steam there is now an opportunity to explore the two other shoots from the initial seed still waiting to come fully to life:

Peace isn’t just about Doves, it’s about Lions too is a phrase which appeared as part of the early vision for Unload.


It is an enquiry which looks beyond labels to seek understanding and reconciliation post conflict and to explore the impacts of moral injury.


It dates from my tours in Northern Ireland which were spent holding an 'imperfect space' waiting for the political and community will to evolve and effect peaceful change.

If creativity is the new literacy and if there is no creativity without vulnerability, how does that work when we feel most vulnerable?


What if we gave ourselves permission to see what our hands create when our mind is resting; what our mind then sees from a new understanding.


And how would that help those who cannot look at those who have fallen?

For more on how I work please see My Practice and for more about my work, ideas and background please see About. Words and Wings also hosts my periodic musings and the occasional poem.


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We are all creative, resourceful and whole.


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